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Gift of Ananda

3-Hour Online Course

A brand new course from India: THE GIFT OF ANANDA - live, online by Tejasaji from India.

Sri AmmaBhagavan says, 'Happy individuals create a happy world'.

When one is naturally happy, we see the world differently.

We are able to enjoy our relationships, and our bodies are at their best. 

If we look around the world today, we can see how unhappy people create a world full of struggles and pain.

At the same time, we are also living in a wonderful age where, by the grace of the Great Compassionate Light, miracles are happening one after another, more and more people are experiencing a state of joy, happiness and love without cause and receiving the gift of Ananda (Happiness).

In order to live in a better world, we need happy people who, by their very being, impact the rest of humanity. 

The Gift of Ananda will take you on an inner journey, exploring who you really are and gently guiding you in the right direction.

Join us for this wonderful 3-hour course and receive the grace of the Great Compassionate Light, who will give you ANANDA through a sacred Soma process. 

ANANDA is the beautiful inner state of happiness without cause.

When you receive THE GIFT OF ANANDA, the whole world around you changes.

  • Your relationships come alive and blossom

  • Abundance flows into your life

  • You experience better health

  • Your heart opens up more and more 

  • Compassion and gratitude appear in your everyday life 

  • Life becomes joy and happiness

There are no prerequisites for this program. You are all so welcome to join.


Should you have any questions contact the organizer at

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