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Sri AmmaBhagavan


Steeped in the fundamental laws of mathematics on one side, Sri Bhagavan has always been a great mystic on the other side, with an innate ability to connect to those realms far beyond the physical dimension.

The mystical aspect accounts for the bird’s eye view that Sri Bhagavan possesses on topics ranging from mundane, worldly aspects to philosophy, psychology, science and the transcendental. One gets a glimpse of this holistic view in Sri Bhagavan’s teachings, commentaries and talks on various subjects.

Sri Bhagavan’s teachings are profound, liberating and life-transforming. He is a unique, great master who has the power to make these teachings into a living reality for the seeker, which manifests as miracles, freedom from suffering, altered states of consciousness and ultimately awakening and enlightenment for the seeker.

To be in the presence of Sri Bhagavan is to get drenched in the fountain of unconditional love, a love that is devoid of any judgement, a love that doesn’t bind you, but allows you to be yourself.


Sri Amma lived a very austere life from childhood with the sole objective of liberating humanity from suffering. Millions of devotees across the world yearn to see a glimpse of Sri Amma, for being in her presence one dissolves into an ocean of love and compassion.

Sri Amma’s unconditional love and compassion is a nectar that purifies one of all hurt, fear and inhibitions. Sri Amma is a unique teacher who imparts the greatest insights of life in an easily understandable way.

Simple and yet very profound, these teachings do not require much contemplation because they strike your mind with astonishing precision. They are truths that act like mirrors which reflect your inner state and at the same time make you comfortable with it.

Sri Amma not only shows you the truth, but also gives you the strength to see it yourself. To millions of devotees and seekers, Sri Amma is the all- knowing mother, a friend, a guide, a source of power in times of trial and weakness and an inspiration and direction in times of strength and abundance.

Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan are highly acknowlegded as avatars by millions around the world. They represent the feminine and masculine aspects of the unmanifest Divine.

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