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A path to Awakening



Occurrence: Every Monday at 7 PM


Enlightenment is happening to thousands of people across the globe NOW!

Join us to listen to sharing from those who have experienced the amazing Grace of Ananda. Then, receive Collective Ananda Transfer.



Occurrence: Every Friday and Sunday at 7 PM

With many people suffering from anxiety, depression, and a breakdown of relationships, we need a shift to a higher frequency. Our bodies are yearning for the health benefits of this nourishing gift, too.


Wanting happiness and holding a mindset to be happy is great, but in times of exhaustion or being overwhelmed, mindsets crumble because they take great effort.


There is a force greater than mindsets that are capable of giving you effortless and vibrant joy. We call this inner state of causeless joy and causeless bliss by its ancient Sanskrit name — Ananda!


The state of Ananda is not a mindset. The state of Ananda is a living consciousness, and we want you to receive this state.


Receive the state of causeless happiness, and your whole world changes.


When one is naturally happy, we see the world differently. We are able to enjoy our relationships, and our bodies are at their best.


Through the grace of the Great Compassionate Light, you can receive causeless joy, happiness, and bliss.


Notice the word “receive.” Receiving the gift of bliss does not mean you need to be already happy or understand where happiness comes from.


This is not happiness limited by things going well for you. This is happiness through your challenges. This is happiness, which helps you see the solutions. This is the happiness that one needs to thrive in life. This is happiness the world needs now more than ever.


Recently members of the Golden Age Movement have been initiated to go into the state of Ananda (joy, happiness, bliss or peace) and to pray that the state would be transferred to others. This new Collective group Anada prayer process brings powerful new energies.

Numerous transfers are offered online throughout the week.



Occurrence: Daily (4 times each day)

12:30 am GMT
6:30 am GMT
12:30 pm GMT
5:30 pm GMT

Replays at various times - Subscribe to YouTube channel

What is the purpose of Sri Paramjyoti (the Great Compassionate Light) Aalaya Darshan?

To solve or dissolve worldly and spiritual problems. To fulfill one’s worldly and spiritual needs by changing one’s programs.


How does Aalaya Darshan work?
These temples are old and millions of people have visited and prayed in these temples over hundreds of years. They are built on special energy centres as revealed to ancients. These structures and architectures amplify the divine energies. These energies are in line with the purpose for which the temples were built. The idol that is installed is the particular manifestation through which the Great Compassionate Light (Sri Paramjyoti) acts. This particular manifestation sets right a particular program.


How is the idol activated?

It is activated through ancient rituals which have been repeated millions of times.


Could anyone activate these idols through rituals?

Only those in very high levels of consciousness performing these rituals could activate the idols.


Who is the one in high levels of consciousness?
Sri Amma Bhagavan are doing the activation as the rituals are being performed.


What would happen if one continuously attends Aalaya Darshan?

Continuously attending Aalaya Darshans would continuously improve one’s quality of life in all walks of life. It would also lead to raising levels of consciousness leading to holistic consciousness.

Details about the Significance of Sri Paramjyothi Amma Bhagavan Aalaya Darshan see The  Great Compassionate  Light YouTube channel.

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