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Receive the Gift of Enlightenment

Be One of the 81,000 People 

To Transform Humanity

End Psychological Suffering and Awaken to the Beauty of Life

Humanity is at a precipice.


Global crises, pandemics, conflicts, hunger, poverty, etc., are at an all-time high.

What if you could make a difference for you, your loved ones, and the rest of the world?  What if you could experience an accelerated evolutionary process, transforming your ability to impact those around you? What if you could experience a neurobiological shift that would enable you to affect the consciousness of many others? 


It doesn't take decades of practice to become

For the first time in known history, people are now becoming enlightened en masse and so ending their personal suffering.  Currently the Golden Age Movement have confirmed over 5000 enlightened people world-wide.   As the numbers grow there is the opportunity to listen to and interact with those recently enlightened, available to all via weekly online group meetings.    


It is important to emphasize that those enlightened are ordinary people like you and me.  Living ordinary lives, having struggled with relationships, fear, guilt and stress for many years. 


After the shift of Enlightenment it is commonly reported that their lives move from a place of mere existence to living more deeply in the present. Life takes on a natural flow, where things evolve and unfold automatically, directed by an ever-expanding inner guidance and Presence. Free from the anxieties of the future and hurts of the past, lives become more anchored in the present.

Inner peace and silence, deep connection to others and the environment, the absence of fear or inner dialogue, and greatly increased energy become daily experience.


Hurts drop away effortlessly and there is loving acceptance of all. Relationships with friends and family transform and heal rapidly.


It is also widely reported that physical health and emotional wellbeing improves rapidly.


With the machinations of the mind silenced there is a huge release of energy. The mind then becomes a tool rather than master.  It can then be directed to achieve great results in whatever pursuit is undertaken. There rises the ability to carry out work with greater efficiency, focus and joy.



How does Enlightenment happen?


According to Sri Bhagavan, Enlightenment is a neurobiological shift.  It occurs by the Grace of the Great Compassionate Light (GCL). The GCL comprises of a multitude of Ascended Light Beings with a profound compassion for the plight of humanity.  At this time this collection of Beings are able to reach us through the specific processes created by Sri Bhagavan in the 81000 Deeksha Yagna program.  The process involves a Mystical Surgery.  As you continue to attend the processes each month you will start to notice shifts in your inner and outer life.  At some point the big shift will happen for you too.  Are you open to this possibility?


All that is required is passion and commitment to make the shift. The Great Compassionate Light will take care of the rest.  


The intention of the Golden Age Movement is to gather 81,000 individuals from around the globe who share the concern for humanity and to facilitate their enlightenment.  These 81,000, through expansion of their consciousness, will then impact the whole of humanity.


How does reading this impact you?  Does it touch something deep inside?


Are you ready to join us?


Contact the Organizer


Should you wish to register, please join us using the button below and let us know how we can help.
We look forward to welcoming you and sharing this journey with you.

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